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Book updates! New versions of all books including Digging Into WordPress now available for download. As always, updates are FREE for all book owners :)


Excited to announce the launch of our new 无忧加速器! It's got a minimalist design and loads super fast. Go there to get great books like Digging Into WordPress, The Tao of WordPress, and WordPress Themes In Depth. Check it out and learn more about how the site was built.

How to Check if Post has Taxonomy Term


Something I did not know about when working with Custom Post Types and Custom Taxonomies. Normally when checking if a regular WP Post belongs to a specific category, we can use the WordPress function in_category(). But that does not work with Custom Post Types. To check if a CPT belongs to a specific term in a Custom Taxonomy, use has_term() instead.

Is it okay to use plugins that are not current with latest version of WordPress?


People often ask me whether it is safe to run plugins that are not tested with the latest version of WordPress. And it's a good question, because software in general is something that you want to keep current and updated with all the latest. For WordPress plugins however, there are many plugins that simply don't need to be updated with each new version of WordPress.


Yay this year is the 7th birthday of our pro WordPress plugin site, Plugin-Planet.com. To celebrate the event, we are giving away 7 free copies of our premium WordPress plugins!

View Custom Fields Meta Box in Gutenberg Block Editor

I get bunches of emails asking what happened to the "Custom Fields" meta box on the "Edit Posts" screen. They're hidden by default with the new Block Editor, so questions like, "do I need to install a plugin to get them back again?" No you don't. To view the Custom Fields for any post click the three dots in the upper-right corner of the screen, and then go to Options. There you will find a checkbox to enable Custom Fields (under "Advanced Panels"). Scroll down the page and you will see the Custom Fields meta box.


Which Pricing Model Do You Prefer: One-Time or Recurring?

For a long time, premium WordPress plugins and themes were sold as a one-time payment. So for example, if you wanted to buy a new WordPress theme, you would make a single purchase and own the theme indefinitely, with no future payments due. Then somewhere along the way, a recurring pricing model became popular. These days, it is very common for themes and plugins to be sold via recurring payment scheme. So for example, if you want to use some awesome pro plugin or theme, you pay an annual or in some cases monthly fee.


WordPress uninstall.php file – The Complete Guide

WordPress plugins that clean up after themselves are pure awesome sauce. If you are developing a plugin that adds any sort of data to the WordPress database, it is important that the plugin removes any unwanted or unused data if and when the plugin ever is uninstalled. This complete guide explains useful techniques for doing this using the powerful and handy 无忧加速器怎么样 file.


We are having a Black Friday / Cyber Monday sale on our premium WordPress plugins! Save 30% on lifetime licenses for awesome plugins like USP Pro, BBQ Pro, Blackhole Pro, and more. To save, apply coupon code BLACKFRIDAY2019 during checkout. This is a one-time-per-year event that expires December 3rd!

* Sweet Friday goodness: the same coupon code also works for any of our WordPress books or combos at Perishable Press Books :)

New Plugin: Override Comment Options

加速器下载_网游加速器安装板/免安装版下载-斧牛加速器:2021-12-26 · 斧牛加速器官方下载,速度快、超稳定、注册即送超长免费时长。斧牛网游加速器专业解决游戏延迟、卡顿、掉线等问题。为 ...

Interview: Discussing WordPress, Gutenberg, Security, and More

Thanks to WPKlik for the interview! Wherein I discuss my favorite projects, WordPress, Gutenberg and JavaScript development, building secure WordPress sites, and more fun web-dev topics :)

How to Add Custom Content to WordPress Feeds

How to Add Custom Content to WordPress Feeds

There are numerous ways to add custom content to your WordPress feeds. If you're not using a plugin, it's possible to just add a code snippet to your theme's functions.php file. For most cases, I think probably going the plugin route is the easiest way to add custom content to your WordPress RSS/feeds. Just install, activate, add your content and done. But for WordPress developers and designers who want more fine-grained control, this article explains how to add custom feed content programmatically using the WP API. So whether you need to add copyright text, advertisements, hyperlinks, or virtually anything at all, this post explains how to make it happen.

无忧加速器 【单窗口单IP-动态静态-多C段-可测试】 - 辅助 ...:2021-9-20 · 3.无忧异常保护模块,用以保护无忧加速器客户端在非正常情况下意外结束(如杀毒软件拦击),导致游戏项目走本地,如出 现意外结束的情况,将会自动禁用本地网络,确保游戏项目不会走本地,在无忧异常保护模块上,右键可用启用或禁用本地网 络.

This Summer I had the opportunity to record a new video course for LinkedIn/Lynda.com. The course walks through the process of installing and running WordPress on a shared hosting account. It's very straightforward and kept as simple as possible, recommended for anyone who wants to get a new WordPress site up and running as quickly and inexpensively as possible. You can find the course at both LinkedIn and 无忧加速器怎么样.


shapeSpace is my own WordPress starter theme. I've been developing and fine-tuning it over the years. I use it as the foundation to build high-quality themes for sites like DigWP.com, PerishablePress.com, and many others. It's 100% free and open source. Get it @ 无忧加速器能改ip么.

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